Forgive H.E.R is an online membership & coaching community dedicated to providing support, accountability, and healing to those who have experienced abuse & trauma at the hands of their mothers.



I was abused by the hands of my mother from the age of 2 yrs old (at least that’s how far back I remembered). The abuse I endured was emotional, physical, mental and sexual. These traumatic experiences had carried over into my adulthood and effected my parenting, relationship and even how I view myself….BUT GOD- Through the simple “ACT” of Forgiveness, I was able to live a life rooted in Love, Freedom, and Healing.  And so I have designed this program from my own personal life experiences as well as using the tools I have been given from my years in ministry, leadership and mentoring to help others like myself move forward in 



WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of being apart of the Forgive H.E.R™ community?

  • Special Discounts on all of ListinerInspires and Healing Is A Journey™ products, services, and events

  • Daily Text messages of encouragement via *Whats App

  • Weekly exclusive emails of discounts, upcoming events and/or inspiration

  • Monthly to Bi-Monthly Online Webinars via *Zoom or *Go-To-Meeting


Things you should know?

  • You are expected to fully commit and participate: THE PROGRAM WORKS IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK

  • Your monthly dues will be taken out automatically (So please complete the Automatic Payment form)

  • Everything we discuss stays within the confines of this community

  • Absolutely NO JUDGING

  • Your feedback is important, so If you have questions or concerns, please let me know

  • The program will break generational curses for you, your children, their children for many generations to come

  • This does not replace therapy!


Thank you for your YES and may our journey together BLESS YOU with many more YESes to come.



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