Listiner's Immune Booster is an all-natural, no preservative way to strengthen your immune system daily. Each ingredient is hand-selected and each jar is freshly made to order with a 7-10 day shelf life in the refrigerator.


The concept of Listiner's Immune Booster is to heal you from the inside out, giving your body a fighting chance to protect you from viruses and daily stressors that weaken your immune system every day and quicker immune trauma recovery.


Listiner started making the immune booster several years ago for herself because she was experiencing various body ailments due to a comprised immune system. She has suffered from asthma, psoriasis, and severe allergies since childhood that oftentimes has left her feeling weak and drained.


After doing much research she was able to find a holistic remedy to her problems, which has since helped decrease her flare-ups. Now this product in no way replaces seeing a physician or taking prescribed medicines for your medical concerns but does help your body in addition to eating well-balanced meals, exercising, and adequate sleep on a daily basis.