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24 Hour Bank of Time

Everyone one of us has a 24 hour amount of time deposited daily into our lives. How you choose to withdraw on that time is up to you. But know that every minute of the day should be treated as a valued investment into your GREATNESS.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans” Proverbs 16:3

I personally find that the best way to hold myself accountable for having a productive, time well invested day, is to give God his time first. In the course of 24 hours anything is likely to happen, but once I decidedly turn my day over to the Lord, if all else fails I know he has my best interest in mind.

God has given  all of us the same 24 hours, yet some seem to accomplish so much more than others. Now for those that complain about there not being enough time in the day, they must truly sit an evaluate their day to day happenings, Here’s a Tip:

The more you complain the less you get done!!! Complaining is a time waster! 

Freedom of time and space is about knowing your purpose and goals, setting daily intentions on the amount of time you are working towards accomplishing them. Also setting limits on the amount of time you spend entertaining things, people and/or places that will take you away from being positive and productive.

Eliminate that which is NOT beneficial to your growth!

And remember you have the final say in how you spend your time, so choose wisely.

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