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Be Bold , BE “Worn”

I learned a very valuable lesson this week. As I was fussing at my son to change his shoes, because of course like a 13 yr old boy, he wants to wear his favorite “worn” and seen better days shoes. I’m like, “you have 3 more pairs of shoes you can wear, why are you choosing to wear these almost every day”? And he proceeds to tell me that he is not trying to impress anybody, he likes them and they work for basketball. I was blown away by such an insightful and mature statement, coming from my 13yr old on a Monday Morning. (1).jpg

So I got to thinking, how many of us as adults are out here trying to rush through the “worn” areas, the not so go feelings or experience in our lives, before we’ve gotten a chance to be used by God for a greater purpose. Because believe it or not, God uses the unpolished things we would rather avoid altogether as a way to prepare us for the Greater ahead and to be a blessing to others. And being “Worn” also means that you have been to some places , walk through some things and experienced many lessons that can be a valuable tool to God and yourself in the future. But the reality is many of us we haven’t been bold enough to walk in Faith, trust God and allow him to upgrade us according to his will and purpose for our lives. We try to rush past certain processes and fail to see the purpose of truly allow God to use us in whatever place we are in. What are some things you are trying to avoid in your life, that could possibly be preparing you for what you been praying and asking God for.

  1. Are you holding out on being healed, by not forgiving that person(s) who hurt you, so that your healing CAN begin?

  2. What about sacrificing your weekend outings with friends to stay in and study, build your business and save money to invest?

  3. Or instead of complaining about taking public transportation, enjoy the commuting time you get to read, work on projects and quite possibly meet a new connection every day.

  4. How about not going shopping, spending money you don’t have and instead save and build a nest egg for more “return on your investment” items; such as properties, stocks and bonds.

These are just a few examples, for when we are expecting a bold move from God in our lives, we must be patience enough to know when to stick with “worn” times in our lives. It does take a certain level of boldness to stay in an area in your life that makes you uncomfortable and you altogether may not like. But God always, and I mean ALWAYS knows best and so if staying in the “worn” area is God’s will for you life then Be Bold , Stay “Worn” -ListinerInspires Be Bold in your Truth & Transparency Be Bold in your Prayer Life Be Bold in Your Faith Walk Be Bold In Your Business Be Bold in Your Dreams and Goals Be Bold In Your Purpose Be Bold in Relationship with Christ Be Bold in Love Be Bold In Living Be Bold in Your Identity Be Bold in Your Forgiveness Be Bold in Your Healing

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