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Be Not Discouraged

Be not Discouraged-YOU are well equipped

Psalm 33:20 New Living Translation (NLT)20 We put our hope in the Lord.    He is our help and our shield

You can not go into an opportunity with a viewpoint of your past or current unfavorable situation. You must look to God in where your Hope, should be and think on this things you’ve asked God for. When you bring the focus back on gain a clearer perspective and understanding of where God needs you to be in order to bless you abundantly. But if you never show up whether physically or mentally..then how can you endure.. conquer and overcome those things very thing that will be used to elevate you in your GREATER.

I remember exactly 3 years ago, when I realized I had a greater purpose over my life than to just have survived pain & obstacles. It was to teach others how they too can turn their pain into power and Purpose. Now “the how” didn’t come so easily as “the why”! Because I knew “the why” was to clearly help others to be inspired to push past temporary pain points in their life and it use it for greater. But “the how” didn’t become cleared until about a year of so after, and that was to use my personal stories of overcoming as a testimony to the strength we ALL have when faced with obstacles.

Guess what was my GREATEST challenge was: opening my mouth to speak those things! Though I knew I had to serve my purpose…I felt I wasn’t smart enough, attractive enough and even resourceful ENOUGH to be use by God to reach people.


I started being stretched…pulled and held accountable in so many ways by Jesus. He put me in rooms that made me seriously uncomfortable..I doubted myself and even reconsidered what I had set out to do.

Needless to say…I’m well on my to becoming the change I wanted to see in the lives of others who were in pain and bound by their past. I have published an award winning book (, that tells the journey I was so afraid to speak of. And I am an international inspirational speaker and also an International Creative content designer (as you can see from the blog you’re reading😉)

Was it easy to get to this point….NOPE!

Would I do it all again-YEP!

And I still have more to go…but I come to the solid and secure knowledge and truth about myself that I AM WELL EQUIPPED!


Because if you wasn’t you wouldn’t be taking a moment out of your day to read this blog through to the end! 😎


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