Changing The Narrative

How does one know if they are ready to start healing? When they make a decision to want more, different or better. Believe it or not, healing is a choice rooted in an action step. Oftentimes when we have been so used to having toxic experiences, we don’t even recognize the need for change or healing. It usually not until something happens in your life that causes you to take notice of the things around you and even within.

Triggers are one way of realizing that the trauma that happened to you long ago still has a hold of you today. What are triggers you ask?

Triggers are defined as distress, typically as a result of arousing feelings or memories associated with a particular traumatic experience.

I am pretty we have all experienced something that may have triggered a memory that was not so pleasant. How did you handle it? What was going through your mind at the moment? Did you try to suppress those memories and feelings associated with it?

Enlight of everything that has and is going on in the world and even in our own lives, there is no time like the present to address our past trauma so we can move forward in healing. Moving forward in healing will look different for everyone so don’t go comparing your healing work to someone else’s. Oh and did mention, that what you don’t deal with, will find a way to deal with you.

If you find yourself :

  1. Easily Frustrated

  2. Angry All The Time

  3. Having outbursts of Emotions

  4. Feeling like it’s just enough to get through the day

  5. Lack of Focus

  6. Always tired and unorganized

  7. Overwhelmed & Stressed

Then you are in need of a system reboot by way of changing your narrative. Changing the narrative of your life from one of Shame, Stigma & Silence of your traumatic experiences to getting the support you need. It also means you will no longer accept those feelings of hopelessness and rejection by what has happened to you. Here are a few ways you can start the healing and recovery process:

  1. Acknowledge what has happened to you, so that it no longer holds you hostage.

  2. Accept that was done to you WAS NOT YOUR FAULT, I REPEAT: IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!

  3. Take Action by seeking help:

  4. Therapy

  5. Coaching

  6. Educating yourself: Attend classes and/or event, Read Books (with a focus on healing)