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The holiday seasons are upon us and there is a hustle and bustle in the atmosphere. Whether you enjoy this time of year for the sense of family or the abundance of festivities happening, make sure you are doing these things because you want to, NOT because you feel obligated to. As someone that grew up in a dysfunctional family setting and also being in a group home, I have never been too fond of the holidays. For me, it was a reminder of what I didn’t have as a child and that’s family, love, and traditions. It wasn’t until I actually got divorced that I started doing things MY WAY.

A lot of times people find themselves feeling the loneliest and the most unhappiest during the holiday moments, from either memories of a deceased loved one, being single, or just having a financial restraint not allowing them to buy the gifts they want.

I suggest create memories and happy moments in real-time on a daily consistent basis leading up to the holidays. If you are still in mourning for a lost loved one, think of some things they enjoyed doing and do those things in memory of them. If you are single surround yourself with positive and productive individuals and activities. If you have children or loved ones you want to buy gifts for but are financially unable to do so….be honest and have a heart-to-heart with them and create fun times together, that are cost-effective and meaningful.

Because at the end of the day sharing love and affection should not be seasonal, it should be daily, Please don’t allow society, social media, or traditions to make you feel inadequate, unworthy, or miserable, every day should be celebrated….because guess what…YOU ARE ALIVE and that’s a blessing in itself.

Check out my story in the Chicago Tribune, that also provides a source of support for you this holiday season.

“I create content that empowers individuals who have gone through trauma & abuse to move beyond the trauma and into their HEALING, for a chance to live an abundant life!”- Listiner Inspires. Follow Me on IG and FB @ ListinerInspires

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