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Dream Chaser: You about that Life?

Would you still follow your Dreams if it cost you EVERYTHING! You say YES..but let’s look at the true reality that happening to Dreamers that DO. How about if you lost family, friends, money spent and time occupied? I’ll give you some time to think about! You’re not so quick to answer yes now, are you?

Well it’s time to start being OBEDIENT to GOD , because truth be told he is the founder and creator of that said Dream that has been in you since you could remember yourself. How you say? Have you ever really truly looked at how amazingly talented you are in certain areas of your life? Or how the things that genuinely bring a smile to your face coincide in one way or another to what you always dreamed about.

I think if WE are all honest with ourselves, we could admit that those of us who are not where we want to be in life is because of how much we haven’t invested in our dreams and being obedient to God. God is that small still whisper telling us to do this or don’t do that, you know the voice we shrug off and get too busy to notice.

Well wonderful…..I say start listening, start stepping out on faith and start doing ALL those things you’ve always wanted to do but were to afraid of. Stop complaining about that job you hate and start looking at it as an investment into your future. You are your greatest asset to yourself. There really isn’t nothing stopping you but  YOU.

Now back to my earlier question: Would you still follow your Dreams if it cost you EVERYTHING? and you most likely answered Yes at first. But how many of us start doubting ourselves because our loved ones don’t support us? You say you want that dream so bad you can taste it, but you are not willing to get up earlier, come home after work and stay up later or even miss that party? How about cutting back on your spending habits or working a second job to have that extra money you need? How bad do you want it?

Your Dreams should be worth you Losing some things to Gain so much more!

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