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Dream Living

For the first time in like ever, I realized I am truly enjoying my Life. Someone recently asked me if there was anything I would change in my life and I honestly couldn’t think of anything. Yeah, we ALL could use more money and time, but aren’t those residual benefits of truly Living life on your own terms. You reclaim your time when you start valuing yourself a lot more. A person who knows their worth will not spend their time on people or activities that are not a beneficial investment into their lives. You create more streams of revenue when you free up your mind from pointless, negative thoughts which will allow for more positive idea generating thoughts to flow in.

Also start thinking and defining what Success means to YOU. Stop submitting yourself to a cookie cutter way of thinking. So you can therefore start living outside the box. I say color outside the lines, dance in the rain and sing off beat if that makes you happy. If travelling the world, while singing poetry out loud to kids across the world is your DREAM, than go for it! If working a 9-5, and running a taco stand on the weekend, keeps you feeling satisfied than who am I to judge. The problem with most adults is that they stop DREAMING and start just going about the motions of adulting with nothing to look forward to and no creative outlet to plug into.

Life can become ALL blah, dreary and boring when you are no longer mentally stimulated and have a lack of enthusiasm. I realize that most people don’t have any dreams as they become adults…because somewhere along the way they’ve lost their ability to imagine and create a world all of their own…something to build upon and carry them through each day. Well sir and madam, take out that notebook, pen, pencil and crayon and start writing  to build your dreams your way……IT’S TIME TO START DREAM LIVING AGAIN!!!

start dream living
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