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Faith Activated

As I wake up to yet another negative bank account notification, I can’t help but to think is it really ALL worth it. I have a DREAM and PURPOSE so much bigger than myself and obviously my account. So many nights I lie drenched in puddles of my own tears, as I face so many adversities all at once. I’ve had and have so many reasons to give up, throw in the towel and return to a life of mediocrity. But I hear that small still voice that says you can’t give up now, so many others lives are dependent on you seeing this thru!

I’m like really GOD!!!! What about me, my wants, my needs and desires??? Like the defiant child I can be at times, I test the waters of disobedience and say NO…I am going to live “YOLO” and run rampant with guilty pleasure.,.forgetting how far God has brought me, what he saved me from. But like the ever patient, merciful and loving Father God is, he allows me room to make my mistakes, before I come running back.

So, on this morning of seemingly impossible tasks beforehand, I get up wipe the tears, make my coffee…thank God for another Day to be GREAT and continue on my way. For though my life seems one way, and everything is in disarray. I know what my God has told me and I stand on his word and believe, I go forth, speak , think and act according to the words of promise over my life, and not the temporary situations that are only a test for the time.

And if you are reading this and are feeling like giving up..DON’T!!! There is someone WAITING ON YOU to see this storm through, so you too can be a testimony to help them to other side!

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