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“Shed some light on your inner strengths by facing your fears head on. We give our fears too much power and control”-Listiner Inspires

Last week Wednesday, I had a real moment of truth! I signed up for open mic to read one of my poems from my book “REBEL INSPIRED”(Shameless Plug-If you haven’t gotten your copy, please do:

Now as some of you may know, who really know me, I truly have a public speaking fear, especially in front of large crowds. Ironic, since I am a inspirationalist/motivational speaker-workshop facilitator. But that’s besides the point, or is it really, maybe not..

Ok, let’s get back on track: I found my nerves to be on high and I really wanted to run out the door. Now being an author of poetry , doesn’t necessarily mean you want to read your written work aloud.

But in my case I have no choice, because I know God has called me be the voice for the voiceless. The ones who have been abused, overlooked and outcast. I have been chosen to be silenced no more, not by my shame, guilt or fears! So with that being said, my greatest fear could quite possibly block someone’s greatest blessings,if I didn’t face it with Faith,

Sometimes when the stage lights of life shines upon us, we may feel the overwhelming sense to run in the shadows due to our lack of courage. But I say to you today, that if GOD called you to it, he will see that you have all you need within YOU to do it! And just remember if you do not face your fears now, then they will keep showing up in every area of your life and you may soon find yourself living in the shadows of your fears.

Now I bet you’re wondering did I get up before the mic and rock it? Unfortunately..I wasn’t able to, due to an overflow of participants and a limited amount of time. But the lesson I learned was priceless, because I sat there for approximately  3-4 hours nervous and all, I could have left from the anxiety , but I didn’t. Will I do it again, hecky yeah..over and over again until it’s no longer a fear of mine’s just fuel to my REBEL FIRE!!

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