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Greatest love story never told….

I love Love stories. The ones often not told are the ones we have with ourselves. So many of us do not know where to begin to love ourselves, because the ones in charge of teaching us love from the beginning DID NOT (our parents)! I’m here to tell you it’s ok to start loving yourself, right from where you are and staring NOW! Let’s break the vicious cycle that parental abuse has caused and start by simply saying I LOVE YOU to yourself daily 💖 You don’t need to wait on the love of others to feel validated. When I started to truly understand what loving myself looked like, I started to feel the shackles of Shame and Low Self Esteem break off in my life. For me love was absent in my life from the behind of conception. My Rebel Truth begins oh so long ago, from being a little girl unwanted and enduring emotional, physical, and sexualy abuse by my mother. I struggled for a very long time with even believing I was worthy of Love. Also because of the abuse I hated myself and hated everything love supposedly stood for. I didn’t know how to receive or give love or affection. I definitely didn’t know how to love myself, because I was always told I was evil, no good and no one would ever want me. Imagine hearing those words as a child. Now in my 40’s I am Learning how truly amazing I AM and learning daily to love ALL of me. Even the parts of me I don’t like (my body type… my overthinking…my rough & tough, boldy blunt personality and my super sensitive emotions). I have learned and will continue to learn to be appreciative of what one might consider as flaws. I look at them to be my way to reach so many others who like myself who have gone UNLOVED for way too long. I do not share my transparency with you for pity of any sort, but for awareness and encouragement. My hope is that others learn the beautiful love song of loving themselves. I am working on developing a program that will help others to heal and “ReLearn Love”. It will be completely free of charge and will be application based. need. If this is an area you struggle in and need help please feel free to reach out to me via and an application link will be provided to you. Please allow 24 hours for a team member to respond. Blessings on your journey to becoming your own REBEL INSPIRED✝️ Remember to BE BOLD, BE UNASHAMED AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BE HEALED!

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