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HEALED AND WHOLE!!!!: How often do we desire to hear those words??

As I write this blog out I am overwhelmed with feelings of joy to know that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

I live a life full of joy, peace, love, aspirations, dreams, boldness, fearlessness, courageousness, strength, favor, endurance, and most importantly God! Had you told me years ago even two years ago my life will be the way it is now where I’m literally living my dreams out I’m literally watching God show up and show out in ways that are unimaginable, that you can really only read in biblical times! My God, my God, Oh God how amazing is it, to stand and see all of what God is doing in my life. When I let go of the need to control everything and just allow God to be who he is, then provides things that I could not even begin to imagine or obtain for myself, In My own strength or willpower.

So today I encourage you to seek God for yourself to develop a relationship with Christ to allow the Holy Spirit to enter into you to be able to do the things that you always wanted to do, but maybe your life circumstances made you feel so you could not. Being healed and whole does not mean that I live a life that is without the troubles of the world it just means that I have the tools to handle the troubles that might come my way. It means that I see a problem and I know that my God has a solution even when I cannot immediately see a solution. Being healed and whole means I have learned how to cast my cares until the Lord literally telling him what’s going on and leave it there for him to either make it right or give me the tools and insight to fix it. Being Healed and Whole means that you have the wisdom of the knowledge of God to be able to live according to his will and purpose for our life and not on our own accord. Being HEALED AND WHOLE helps me to tell my story, my testimony with the hopes of helping someone else to come free that you’re willing to be transparent and vulnerable knowing that God will use that to help someone else be healed.

So I encourage you to seek out what God has for you in terms of being healed and whole. Seek God for yourself in terms of what it looks like to be a living in freedom. What it looks like to be delivered from the tormentors of your souls. Being free from the things that have kept you down for so many years in your mind and your body and your life. It is time that you live a life of freedom of happiness of joy and peace. There’s so much waiting for you on the other side.

Being HEALED and WHOLE gives you:

New vision

New insight

New thought process

A new way of living all together: Jesus died, so that I may Live a HEALED and WHOLE life:

[Isaiah 53:5 NLT] 5 But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.

And for that I am eternally grateful and will live out my life, serving the almighty King Jesus.

For the tools and tips on how to start your own journey to being HEALED AND WHOLE…Consider booking “Healing Sessions” with yours truly.

Listiner Inspires, LLC is a lifestyle company and I am a Healing and Recovery Accountability Expert. I specialize in teaching individuals/families/organizations that are impacted by trauma and abuse, how to move beyond the trauma and into healing.

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