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I Am Living A Refreshing Life

“Isn’t it enough that I have cancer, Now I must talk anxiety out of my head too!!!!!” That is what I yelled aloud, last year when not only did I get diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer during the height of the pandemic, but I also had to go through my treatments alone at the hospital wearing a mask. My anxiety then was at an all-time high, so much so that I ended up going to the ER for a panic attack.

Matthew 6:34 (NLT) So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring it’s own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Matthew 6:34 (New Living Translation)

Anxiety has always tried to make a permanent home in my life. For as long as I can remember, I always seemed to live with a sense of being overwhelmed and some type of fear. On the outside, I often appeared extremely shy or withdrawn as a child, but that was really depression and anxiety telling me to keep my mouth shut about my awful life of abuse. (LIES LIES LIES)

You see my anxiety entered into my life from the first moment my mother abused me. I started living in fear of doing something wrong that would cause a physical, emotional, or sexual attack. My mother, unfortunately, had an undiagnosed mental illness. She most definitely lived a double life, everyone else around her thought she was the nicest lady, yet I was scared shitless on most days and twice at night. Going to sleep became of twisted game, waiting to see when she would fall asleep so that I could close my eyes drift off, but not before covering up and putting the covers over my head as a way to protect myself. I HATED THE DARK!!!

I have gone through years of therapy, hospitalizations, medications, and now with living a Faith-Based Life in Christ Jesus, I can say finally say I am fully HEALED from Anxiety and I am HAPPY and WHOLE!

Oftentimes new traumatic experiences can remind you of past memories you have chosen to bury. For me, I realized I didn’t always allow people to get “too close” for fear of being hurt again. So, when cancer came knocking at my door and I needed to enlist the help of close family and friends to help me, it became a challenge to really let people in. So this made me realize that I needed to dig deeper into myself and my relationship with Christ to start truly doing the heart work of healing. From the deeper work, I created a daily routine that keeps me focused on Healing and helps me to let go of Anxiety, Fears, and Worries. Now this daily routine does not take the place of therapy (which I went to weekly), but it helps me to REFRESH my mindset and emotions, which in turn kept anxiety from making matters worse!

Psalm 19:7 The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul. The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy making wise the simple New Living Translation

These are the 4 things I do every day that keep me feeling refreshed daily, find what works for you and BE REFRESHED DAILY:

  1. Spending time with God refreshes your Spiritual Being (Prayer, Journaling, Quiet Reflection, Reading the Bible)

  2. Reading refreshes you Mental State of Being (Ebook, Physical Book, Article or Audio Book)

  3. Physical Activity refreshes you Body (Taking a Walk, Stretching, Dancing, Bicycling, Working or Playing with the Children or your Significant Other *wink wink*)

  4. Quality Time with Loved Ones refreshes your Heart (Laughter, hugs and conversations)

“I create inspirational content that are designed to be used as tools, resources, solutions, and accountability to help those who have gone through trauma and abuse start living their Best-Healed Life” –

Remember To Be Bold, Be You and Most Importantly Be Healed

Love, Listiner Inspires

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