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Let’s BE Honest

If I can be completely honest , Loneliness is a Son-of- B@*%H!

I have suffered from depression most of my life and one of the side effects  has been loneliness and feelings of isolation. And oftentimes the need for someone …..anyone to connect to. Those very real feelings have lead me to seek sexual comfort in the company of individuals that were not able to fill that void. Which eventually left me feeling ashamed and guilty, therefore leading me into a greater depression and feeling even more lonely.

Do you see where I am going with this? A vicious cycle that sinks you deeper into a place of unforgiving darkness.

How does one even begin to stop the cycle, acknowledge these very real emotions and seek help?

Well, for me : MY KIDS were my wake up call!!!

They needed me to be more emotionally available in ways that I hadn’t been able to be before. But when I got my divorce the reality sank in that I was their only consistent source of support and I had to be well within to be able to provide for them throughout the remainder of their young lives.

But for some of us it’s just not that simple,and that’s ok too.

Yet YOU MUST understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

And yes, though these feelings are very much real, yet you don’t have to suffer in silence. Start by reaching out to family, friends, support groups and even seek professional help.

And my dear its ok to not have all the answers to why you feel this way, but know this you were created with a purpose and the purpose is NOT for you to be alone, lonely or depressed.

You were created to be GREAT and there IS someone who needs you to break free and just BE!

start dream living
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