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Living Beyond Trauma & Abuse

When I am asked how I overcome the childhood trauma and abuse, being raped and domestic violence to living a life where I now help others to overcome too. It really all starts with healing. Even though it sounds simple enough, most still are trapped by their past and what happened to them.

There is a difference between surviving what’s been done to you and thriving after you have survived. Many stop at surviving and remain in survival mode.

Let me explain the difference:

  1. Survival mode:

  2. You live with the constant fear of what’s going to happen next

  3. You expect the worst from people

  4. You don’t plan for a future, because you are worried about the outcome

  5. You are still angry and bitter about what’s been done to you

  6. Thriving & Living

  7. You have hope for great things in store

  8. You give people the benefit of doubt

  9. You plan for the future and set goals

  10. You have forgiven those that have hurt you in the past

Now, isnt it time to start thriving and living ?!?!

Now one might ask, what are the first steps to starting your healing?

Here are the Triple A’s :

  1. Acknowledge that you need healing

  2. Seek and Accept the help to start the healing process

  3. Take the action steps that will be required on your healing journey

For more resources and tools to help you start your healing, visit:

Remember: “You live your best life from a place of being healed. It’s time to moved beyond the Trauma and into your Healing!.”


Listiner Inspires

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