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Provision For The Vision

Provision For The Vision

I have always lived my life through the lenses of the bigger picture vision. As a born visionary; someone who is always thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom: it’s embedded in my DNA to think bigger, go harder and break boundaries. What happens though, when the vision scares you and doubt starts to set in, and you are questioning if YOU have what it takes to make it happen?

You seek a more knowledgeable and powerful source to be your resource! For me, that source has been Christ. Let me take you back to my childhood days, where my visionary mindset envisioned traveling and writing books all while going through abuse and trauma. You see, I grew up to a mentally ill mother who was abusive in every way possible, and in order to be able to live through that trauma, I chose to dream about getting out and being “someone” other than that abused little girl.

Well, GUESS WHAT that someone is ME. I have grown up to be the greatest version of myself, even better than I imagined. My dreams of traveling have come true and my passion for inspiring people has turned into a business and ministry that is making a global impact (speaking that into existence)!

Let’s talk about how I made it all come true: by starting my healing. The healing process allowed me to face my past and it’s demons, deal with the trauma and its residual side-effects and ultimately let go of the hurt, shame, and rejection I felt on a continuous basis. Once I started healing and allowing God to order my steps, I took an even bigger step and started following my dreams, taking a chance on me and doors began to open, opportunities began to present themselves and my resources have been overflowing.

I encourage you to tap into the ultimate source: God

Start your healing journey: TODAY

And believe in your DREAMS AGAIN…….

If you are in need of assistance, support or resources feel free to connect with me email:

Also you can plan to attend the upcoming Healing Is A Journey™ Conference on Sept 19th, it will be a virtual experience

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My name is Listiner Martinez also known as Listiner Inspires. My purpose and passion are to change the narrative of those who have suffered from abuse and trauma, from one of Shame, Stigma & Silence to Support and Solutions, from hopelessness and rejection to HEALING and RECOVERY.

I create inspirational content that is designed to be used as tools, resources, solutions, and accountability to help those who have gone through trauma and abuse start living their Best-Healed Life”

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