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Rebel Inspired (Book Excerpt-pg 38)

Go against what goes against……….. the life you breathed is labored by disdain, distrust and foreseen scenes

being played out repeatedly and repetitively on replay.

GREATNESS is not so GREAT when asked why you’re late to participate in living amongst the breathing and not slumming with the dead.

So much easier to stick your head in the sand pits of sinking lies then to try to cover up the open deep yet well cared for wounds of rejection and false affection.

As to not hurt the pride of those

who can’t handle the truth

you been feed daily

like formula given to a baby.

A baby you wish you were and

would gladly convert back to being if it meant being born to a different human being.

At last it has happened

the greatness became too GREAT

to be just served on a plate


spoon fed to a select few.

It times that everyone knew what is needed to be known.

That what’s meant to shared sometimes is birthed in despair.

Rebel Inspired Book Front Cover
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