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Releasing – Forgiving – Letting Go

Come here, a little closer, I need to tell you something… closer….okay, now listen…LET IT GO!!!!!!

It’s time to release what was, what could have been, and everything else that is keeping you from entering into a season of overflow and abundance.

You can’t truly be free if you are still caught up in the past. Whether it be a past relationship, past situation, or past hurt.

I was in my devotional time with God, writing in my journal, and felt led by the holy spirit to Forgive, release and let go of all the people that have disappointed me, hurt me, and/or betrayed me. Sometimes when we hold on to these feelings not even realizing it is holding us back. The majority of the time a person may have hurt you, moved on, and maybe not even realize the impact of what they have done or said has on you. Trust me I know, been there done that.

Now, is the time to release them from your heart and mind… Forgive them! It may be a close relative, a best friend, a business partner, a spouse, or a lover. Whoever it is, should not be able to hold so much power over you, your emotions, your thoughts, or your actions.

Don’t you want to make room for what God has in store for you?

Remember: Your life can’t be filled with love, joy peace, and abundance if you are holding on to hurt, unforgivingness and pain.

Here are 3 tips on how to FORGIVE, RELEASE AND LET IT GO. (because it’s Time)

  1. Write out the names of the person and the action

  2. Ask God to help you to forgive them and what’s been done

  3. Wish them well, by speaking the best over their life

Bonus: Make a decision to no longer relive the past, by not bringing it up in conversations, and don’t allow yourself to go back there in your mind 😉

Make sure to join me live @ 12:30pm CST this Tuesday (April 19th) on my YouTube Channel or FB Page, I will be teaching about Forgiveness: Learning how to acknowledge what happened.

My name is Listiner Simpson also known as Listiner Inspires. I am changing the narrative of those who have experienced abuse and trauma, from one of Shame, Stigma & Silence to Support and Solutions, from hopelessness and rejection to HEALING and RECOVERY. I create inspirational content that is designed to be used as accountability tools, resources, and solutions in the healing process. moving beyond trauma into a great life. -Listiner Inspires

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