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Repair or Replace

The question to consider this month as we prepare to enter a new year is “To Repair or Replace”? Decisions decisions…. Are there things, people or circumstances in your life that are holding you back? Are they draining you of energy, time and money? Well my dear, it’s time for you to decide if it or they are worth the investment to repair or do you need to replace. As we enter into the last month of the year, it is crucial that you make decisions that will propel you forward on your journey of GREATNESS. And sometimes we have to step our game up and make the hard decisions of letting something or someone go so that God can bring newness into your life. How do you determine this? Well, I’m glad you asked! The answers are with a disciplined spirit of discernment and dedicated prayers. Ultimately the decision is ours to choose, but if we align our decisiveness with the will of God we ca not go wrong. Even if at first the decision is painful, it will ALL make sense when you see where God is taking you. So decide today…REPAIR OR REPLACE… Here are a few questions to consider when deciding if something or someone is repairable or replaceable: What are your reasons for holding on? (Remember a length of time is never enough justification for toxicity, because the longer you hold onto toxicity the more toxic it becomes) If you go with “replace” are you concerned with the quantity of what’s left? (Remember quality is always better than quantity) Sometimes being exposed to something different will help you realize that some things gotta go! Like for instance shopping in a different neighborhood, listening to different music and attending an event with multi millionaires. All those things will will expose you to new experiences and people, that can oftentimes take your perspective, mindset and even life to a new level. Happy Decision-making and remember to Trust God!

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