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Sacrifice to Succeed

“With Every Level of Success there’s a Level of Sacrifice. But if you are acting in accordance to God’s will for your life, there is also GREAT REWARD in that sacrifice…”-Listiner Inspires
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To Sacrifice is to Get up and Go and Push through whatever barriers may be in your way.

And sometimes those barriers come in the form of people, financial instability, time restraints and lack of support.

But complaining is not going to get you past these barriers, and as matter of fact complaining has not gotten anyone anywhere but more in their feelings of hopelessness and defeat (2 very strong enemies of success by the way). Also standing and watching from the sidelines, won’t get you there. And guess what hoping and wishing will only get you so far, because last time I checked your hopes and wishes are only meaningful when they are applied to something tangible like GOALS! …

But do you know what will help you to succeed at pushing past and even knocking those barriers down???

Taking the necessary action steps to SACRIFICE!!!!

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Now what those action steps look like is up to you and the results you are trying to get.

But, how about I give you a few “real-life”examples and then you take it from there.

Example 1: What if you are faced with no family support and friends not understanding where you’re trying to go? Do you keep trying to explain yourself, accomodate and include them in your plans, or do you step back and love them from a distance? Because guess what, not everybody is going to understand, appreciate or even see your vision. AND, Honey …EVERYBODY will not be going with you to the next level.So you will have to sacrifice and let go of some of those relationships that are weighing you down emotionally, in order to free up mental space to be a greater you.

Did that help?

I Hope so!

Let me give you another example:

Say for instance you are trying to level up with your dreams..But financially you are not where you need to be.

Then you will need to do some serious budgeting and sacrifice those daily trips to the coffee shop (make coffee at home), decrease hanging out with the crew at bars (Netflix and Chill with wine -at home) and stop buying your lunch (Brown bag It Baby). After a While you will start to notice your cash flow will be more fluid and then you can in turn have more to invest in your dreams for you to succeed.

So now that I have given you some helpful tips go, apply them to your life and stop making excuses and make them SACRIFICES!!!!!

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