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Stay The Course!


Okay, now that I have gotten the greeting out of the way, let’s talk about ways to keep motivated and focused for the entire 2021. Long ago I stop subscribing to the “New Year, New Me” mentality. As a matter of fact, I am a non-traditional kind of person that believes in having daily experiences not just holiday celebrations, but enough about me. (I will share what I did for Christmas and New Year in another blog post, so stay tuned)

I want to encourage you with several tips that can help you accomplish your goals and stay the course, no matter what life may throw at you. I hope we have learned from our 2020 experiences that there are many curves that may stop us in our tracks. So, it’s important to have strategies in place and be willing to shift when necessary.

Now you’re probably wondering why I titled this blog “Stay The Course” if I am suggesting to be willing to shift. Well let’s look at the meaning of both words:

Shift: a slight change in position or direction Course: the way in which something progresses or develops

So therefore the way you progress and/or develop in any area of your life is by staying the course and adjusting to the shifts that may happen. The “course” is identified by the path that God has you on and “the shift” can occurred when an unplanned events happens. So for example I had the shifts that happened in my life in last year. First, I had to let go of the “Independent Woman” mindset in order to be open to God sending people to help me as heal and recover from breast cancer. The second shift happened in my business, where I had to transition all my programming and conferences from in-person to virtual, causing me to learn how to create digital products and services. Both of these shift were not easy but necessary for both my personal and professional development, and so the strategies that I will be sharing with you are what helped me to stay the course and not give up when life happen in unexpected ways.

  1. Spend quiet/quality time with yourself and GOD

  2. Pray, Meditate on God’s Word, and Journal your thoughts

  3. KNOW what GOD has for you is for YOU

  4. Allow progression to be made behind the scenes, leaving room for trial and error

  5. Be Adaptable to change

  6. Leave room for redirection and Guidance

  7. Become comfortable being alone with yourself

  8. Accept nothing Less than the BEST!!!


BONUS: Here a few key ingredients for staying on track with the best version of YOU.


1.)STAY focused on the VISION God gave YOU

2.)Work a little each day on your dreams


Also remember to track your wins and journal your experiences, so when you are in self-reflection mode you can look back and be encouraged.

Be Inspired to Be Your Best Self. Love, Listiner Inspires

“I create content that empowers individuals who have gone through trauma & abuse to move beyond the trauma and into their HEALING, for a chance to live an abundant life!” -Healing Is A Journey™

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