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The New “Normal”

The New “Normal”

Adjusting to my new normal seems to be the “thing” that I’m doing a lot of lately. My days consist of appointments, evaluating my emotions, taking medication, being in pain, waking up often in the middle of the night and being tired doing the day. It’s all been a bit much and today I felt like giving up for just a brief moment! Feelings of being overwhelmed have consumed me and I started to feel like I was a burden to myself and others. I don’t like how I feel and YES, I trust God but I still have very real “human” emotions. Yes, I’m strong but right now I’m feeling weak. These are my true feelings and often vary from Day to Day. Some days I start off and I wake up full of positivity, happiness, energy and ready to take on the day. Then my new unwanted companion pain interjects itself into my agenda, a reminder of the fragile state of my new body! It does not feel good, it does not make me feel strong and sometimes it causes me to lose hope in better days to come post-cancer.

But through it all, I continue to remain in Faith, because if I don’t know anything else I know God has not forsaken me nor has he left me. God is here with me and I rejoice in the moments when I’m able to sleep a full night’s rest. I revel in the moments when I have a day where there’s no pain and I’m able to do yoga poses, dance and sing without being tired and out of breath. I feel rejuvenated when I’m not emotional and crying but feel full of encouraging thoughts! Yet still, I MUST continue to adjust to my new normal.

“When life throws you a curveball, catch it, look at it, evaluate how to best utilize it and throw the s*** back if it doesn’t serve a purpose.”

In the midst of what may be going through, you should take some time to sit down and really think about how to feel by addressing the situation and the emotions that come with it. Please do not suppress them. Putting on a happy face when you’re not feeling your best really does you a disservice. It prevents others from really helping you in your moments that you are the most vulnerable and could truly use the help.

I am personally learning to be okay with saying I am not okay more often than I would like to. I am learning that when my body feels tired do not push myself to meet some self-appointed deadline. I am learning to cry when I feel the need to do so without having to monitor and suppress my feelings. I’m learning to ask for help, accept help and embrace help even when it feels uncomfortable. I’m learning that there is beauty and inspiration in the imperfection and impromptu moments of my creativity whether it comes in the form of writing, cooking or creating videos.

“I am learning to readjust… I’m learning to accept and I’m learning to embrace my new normal in my own way.”

So if you are experiencing a new normal whether it is due to new health challenges, family dynamics, change in financial status or just dealing with a new way of life overall, do not be discouraged. Be empowered to know that you are not alone and that you can learn to readjust and to embrace your new normal in the way that best suits you.

Here are few tips to help you through the process of your NEW NORMAL

  1. Pay Attention & Acknowledge how you feel,(angry, sad, disappointed, frustrated, concerned, fearful)

  2. Get a support system (Family, Friends, Therapist)

  3. Find a creative way that works for you to express yourself (singing, dancing, cooking, arts & crafts, journal writing, etc)

  4. Overall learn to adjust and be flexible

My name is Listiner Martinez also known as Listiner Inspires.

My purpose and passion are to change the narrative of those who have suffered from abuse and trauma, from one of Shame, Stigma & Silence to Support and Solutions, from hopelessness and rejection to HEALING and RECOVERY.

Here are a few ways that I do just that:

✅I’m an Award Winning Author 🔗

✅ I’m a Healing & Accountability Expert, Speaker and Coach Book your session today:

✅ I’m an international Speaker, check out my YouTube channel 🔗

✅ I’m the founder and creator of Healing Is A Journey ™ a quarterly Conference Series 🔗

I create inspirational content that are designed to be used as tools, resources, solutions and accountability to help those who have gone through trauma and abuse start living their Best-Healed Life” – Listiner Martinez


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