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The Season of Blossoming is Not ALL Bad!!!

Hey There Awesomeness,I woke up with my heart full of Joy. The seasons are changing and I love this fall crisp air. I am sitting in my favorite spot in the house, by the living room window, with my journal and my coffee. God has been blessing me and answering prayers. I am in a new season of my life and I must admit I was a little scared at first, but then I started to think about when the leaves change on the trees. Dead leaves fall away then making room for new leaves to blossom in a new season. They are usually vibrant, bold and stay around for a minute. What I really noticed was how the process for the leaves to change color is beautiful at first then they dry up and become eyesores, this process seems to take place quicker than the blossoming. So, my inspiring brain started to think, what if we prolong our season of change by paying more attention to the ugly parts of the process? I must admit I did, when God started to shift things, removing people, things, and memories I was dependent on I was angry. (Let’s keep it real) I pouted, fussed, and resisted the change. I was tired of being single for so long, while God healed my soul wounds. I wasn’t ready to be a grandma yet, because I had ideas of being “the rich Auntie” that traveled the world. I even told my sons when they were younger, I wasn’t babysitting, yeah NOW I can’t wait to spend time with my grandson and I can still travel the world and be the wealthy grandma. (LOL) I even told myself it didn’t matter where I came from, who my father was or where my extended family lived. BUT GOD……. Now, I am so excited about the new addition to our family. I am blessed to have a flexible schedule to help the new parents out whenever possible and to spend time with my growing family. I discovered I have an auntie that is still alive at the tender young age of 88. I reconnected with an older cousin this week and plan to meet other cousins. Earlier this year I did a DNA test and learned that I am 50% West African (exciting). I am glad that leaned into God instead of trying to keep my stubborn ways because my season of blossoming is so beautiful! I want to encourage you to embrace your season of change, IT’S NOT ALL BAD!!! Remember To Be Bold, Be You and Most Importantly Be Healed- Love, Listiner Inspires
I am changing the narrative of those who have experienced abuse and trauma, from one of Shame, Stigma & Silence to Support and Solutions, from hopelessness and rejection to HEALING and RECOVERY. I create inspirational content that is designed to be used as accountability tools, resources, and solutions in the healing process. moving beyond trauma into a great life. –

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