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The Sky is NOT the limit

Go Beyond the sky…

PUSH your limits…

Face your fears…

Fall Down and GET Back UP…

There’s nothing that can Stop you BUT YOU!…

When you place limits on your goals and dreams, you set the boundaries and bar exceptionally low and you will never know what you can become. The cards you’re dealt may not always be in your control, but how you play them is ALL up to you. Start each day with ‘“I AM SOMEBODY’ and find a new goal to achieve and conquer, work daily  towards your dreams on a consistent basis….Progression is about persistently pushing forward no matter how many odds are stacked against you. Go into each new endeavor with an open mind, there may be times when you must push past fears. For there are many pathways to Self- destruction: Excuses, Procrastination and Fear.

But, nothing and I  mean Absolutely NOTHING is unattainable…with Lots of  Faith, Hard WORK…a well planned out game plan your Dreams are just a Smile, Wink and THOUGHT AWAY.

SO, pick up that pen, TURN OFF THAT TV..stop listening to other’s opinion,  be your own cheerleader and start planning out your future

START NOW…because what better time is there …TOMORROW MAY NOT COME

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