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Today and Everyday I WILL………

Repeat after me:

“Today I declare and promise that I WILL not give up on ME!!!

How did that make you feel?

Amazing, I hope,

What a great promise to make to yourself!

What follows an I WILL declaration is up to the individual. But it must be meaningful, impactful and invoke a series of action steps that will lead you into something greater. The power of the spoken word is a tool that should no longer be underutilized.

Proverbs 18:21

English Standard Version (ESV)

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

So be mindful that the “fruit” (the results of your life) are one that you spoke into existence, whether good or bad So if you are not happy with circumstances and situations, then YOU are the one to change it. Start today with intentionally speaking LIFE not death into your life. And if you don’t no where to start, below I’ve included a list of ‘I WILL” declaration that will packs a powerful punch of positivity!

I WILL take great care of myself, because I am aware that God’s love for me requires me to do so.

I WILL respect myself by NOT allowing others to disrespect me.

I WILL value myself by doing the little things that matter so much.

I WILL Agree to be positive, amazing and motivated in everything I do, say and hope to become.

I WILL not allow anyone or anything to stop my Shine.

I WILL keep an open mind, a kind heart and a genuine spirit.

I WILL NOT diminish the ideas/thoughts of myself or my peers.

I WILL seek help and advice when I do not feel at my best.

I WILL LOVE myself and do ALL those things that make me feel GREAT.

I WILL Be myself in ALL my AWESOMENESS no matter how uncomfortable it makes others.

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