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Have you found yourself just scrolling through Social Media aimlessly, only to look up an hour has passed? Or have you been in a one sided conversation, listening to someone vent to no end about nothing at all or everything all at once? How about spending time doing things you don’t really enjoy but you do it because you believe you need to?

Well I’m here to tell you those very things could be limiting your growth and your level of success!!!

We need to  decrease our access to distractions and limit our accessibility to others that are not providing positivity.

If time is money, than why do we spend so much time spinning our wheels doing things that are not really of quality or an investment of any sort.

It became apparent to me early in the game of being a “baby” entrepreneur,  that if I was to succeed at balancing my job, my purpose/passion, family & friends, being a mother and enjoying the fruits of my labor, I was going to need to incorporate a sufficient amount of ‘ME” .

And just recently I decided that turning my phone off periodically and not responding to every message and email ALL day long is quite ok. As a matter of fact it should be the standard for us all trying to achieve GREATNESS in this life. Because let’s face it , you’re no good to anyone , even yourself, if you’re all burnt out!

So start Today, BE INTENTIONAL with your time…..AND UNPLUG from the chaos and demands of life and TUNE IN to a Peace of Mind!!!

-Listiner Inspires

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