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When God Redirects You…

When God Redirects you LISTEN AND OBEY!!! Trust God knows better than us what our future looks like…

God’s plans are you prosper you NOT to harm you..

(Jeremiah 29:11-13 New Living Translation (NLT)   11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. )

I mostly recently had a personal experience with redirection from God. I am one of those individuals who has to have it all figured out… I create goals and checklist for those GOALS!

Yep…I’m an overthinker and super analytical type. (no shame) so when I tell you I have planned out every aspect of my present and future…best believe I have..

Of course I have learned to leave room for “LIFE” as we all come to learn quickly… life happens whether we want it to or not .  But something I wasn’t prepared for was God scrapping my entire business plans and giving me a new vision! Yep you read right….God was like nope ..we not doing that..

“You want to make God laugh ..make plans”…

His ways are not our ways..

(Proverbs 16 New Living Translation (NLT)16 We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer.)

So as you can imagine ..I was a little taken back.. actually I was downright confused because I just knew what I was about to embark on and had strategically planned out was about to be

And maybe in the future It will come to pass…but for now God has redirected my path.I say all this to say.. It is more than okay to plan out your future….because someone without Goals and dreams is liable to fall for anything .

But when you are ordained by God for something Greater, you have to be okay with the redirection that may come..

Because indeed he wants the best for us so we have to trust that the path he has us on IS THE BEST!

And in all that you do …say and think ..consult God…first and foremost..

For as I stated before …his ways are not our ways…

But his ways are SO MUCH BETTER than anything we could ever imagine!

So stay tuned to God in your own life to what more he has for you. And don’t be afraid  to venture out unto the unknown if that where he’s called you to.. because best believe if he called you to it..

He will bring you through it.


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