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You Gotta Fight

For all  of my life , I have been a fighter. I had to fight to not let depression engulf me in it’s penetrating darkness. I had to fight to eat as child , because I wasn’t been fed properly. I had to fight to smile, because I was so broken inside

“EVERYDAY I FIGHT TO LIVEEVERYDAY I FIGHT TO GIVE………….Yet you know not of why I choose not to die as it may appear but to fight ……fight to liveI fight-So I am not the same, I fight to win-I fight to be healedI fight to stay healedI fight to be and stay delivered from the generational transgressionsI fight so my family doesn’t have toI fight because my mother did not!”                                                                                                         -Listiner Inspires

To all who are thinking of giving up DON’T!!!

You are worth the fight, Your life is worth fighting for

That’s why Christ died on that cross, so we can LIVE and not DIE!

Your Fight will increase your Faith and vice versa. As you believe you are worthy of Greatness then you will starting speaking those things that are GREAT.. So Fight!! Because your fight will encourage someone else to not give up as well! YOUR LIFE IS WORTH THE FIGHT!!!

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