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Young Rebel

As you may have come to know, my blog  is all about inspiring, empowering and uplifting individuals. Well today on Rebel Truth Thursday I am featuring a young rebel who at the young age of 12 years old is most definitely inspirational. Meet Kayla Perkins of Chicago,IL owner and designer at Kfab Fashions. Her love for fashion and sketching different clothing designs, inspired her to live out her dreams in real time. She first designed her own dance wear at the age of 7 years old, she then launched her first showing of her designs at her school’s “back to School” fashion show. She has also traveled to Los Angeles to promote her brand, showing her perseverance and grit to get the job done. When she’s not being this amazing iconic fashion rebel , she is a studious 7th grader who is an honor student and makes its her life’s mission to inspire other young girls to live out their dreams. She uses her branding platform as a way to give back to the community as well. She currently reaches out to young girls who are in temporary living situations and encourages them to not lose hope or give up on their dreams,

I say Kudos to Kayla!!! As I am truly inspired and motivated by this young lady’s zeal and zest for life and giving back. She has truly paved the way for other young girls to start living out there dreams in living color. And by definition she IS A YOUNG REBEL!

To support her and other young girls like her (Our future) and the young rebel trailblazers: who are setting out to be their greatest selves possible!

Please plan on attending the ” Girls Entrepreneur Expo 2017″ in Chicago,IL on October 28th. (All info all the flyer below) 

Registration is Free @ Eventbrite: Girls Entrepreneur Expo 2017

And tell em ya girl sent ya :LISTINER INSPIRES !!!

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