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Your Attitude determines your Altitude

Your Attitude determines your Altitude


  1. Complaining

  2. Negativity

  3. Spirit of Lack

  4. Discontentment

  5. Worry

  6. Frustration

  7. Envy/Jealous

  8. Anxious

Replace w/:

  1. Praying

  2. Positivity

  3. Spirit of Abundance

  4. Joy

  5. Faith

  6. Gratefulness

  7. Love

  8. Peace

You ever wonder why you feel as though can never get ahead in life? Start looking at your attitude about your situation. Are you constantly complaining, fussing and comparing your life to lives of others around you? Are you so focus on what you do not have, that you have lost insight of what God has truly blessed you with?

Well it’s time for an attitude adjustment! All those non-productive, heavy feelings can weigh you down and keep you stuck right where you are. When you start releasing those things I have mentioned above and replacing them with more positive  emotions and thought processes, you become free of the heavy burden that can come with negativity.

How do I know? I myself was a worrier, I stressed over everything and complain about what I didn’t have in comparison to others. It wasn’t until God dealt with me on that, by showing me how far I’ve come and opening my eyes to all the blessings of abundance surrounding me. Man was that  a wake up call, because though I may not have the car of my dreams, the house I always wanted and my business bringing in a substantial amount of money. I do have Love and support from family and genuine friends. I have took that leap of faith and started working on my dreams and goals . And I have been presented opportunities that had I not been obedient to God may not have happened otherwise.


-Listiner Inspires

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