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Your Blessings have made room for you!

What happens when your seemingly perfect life is uprooted??

When everything you’ve come to know is no longer?

When friends and family stop calling and showing up ?

When your cash flow isn’t flowing ?

When your “day one” is missing in action for days?

When find yourself between jobs, no house with picket fence, nor fancy car and your last decent  meal was a few days ago?

Do you give up?

Do you still trust God?

Who’s to blame, when things just don’t pan out the way you envision them?


Do you realize that even in your seemingly messed up situation(s), there’s a blessing or two or three 😉

I’ve been there and I know how God can bless a mess! Even when you “think” all hope is lost, ITS NOT.


How so you ask?

Well let’s start with the friends and family: People come into your for a reason, a season and a lifetime. And, yet I believe many of us don’t really realize that even a lifetime has its limits. Because if you were not living in your PURPOSE from the beginning,  when you start realizing how great of a person God called you to be later on, you start living life through an entirely different perspective. And so your previous way of living is no longer consider in alignment with where God is taking you. So there goes one version of your life, that equals a previous lifetime, so then God sees fit to remove certain people  that you thought were lifetime (like family members) in order to not be a stumbling block to were you need to go.

Quite often we find ourselves uprooted and without certain measures of comfort and it’s not because we necessarily did anything wrong. It because God has been trying to get our attention for so long, and it took removing everything we cherished and loved so dearly for us to start to seek him.

That may sound like cruel and harsh punishment, but what if your success, your healing, your truly Purposed life was on the other side of being comfortable?

Would you still want to be comfortable, or would you rather God shake things up a little bit?

What if God has much more in store for you and you just settled on what YOU WANTED and never consulted God?

And let’s face it, we do that quite often, too often, more than most of us would like to admit.

Everything has a life lesson and Blessings.

And it’s not up to us to decide how it’s delivered, but it is up to us to decide how we receive it. Look at everything that God does, as his way of guiding you into your more purposeful and blessed life.

If we keep fighting it, questioning it and being resentful, we miss out on our Blessings ✝️

-Listiner Inspires

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