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Your Vulnerability is Your Strength

Your Vulnerability is Your Strength-

“Lord,God mold me , shape into what you would have me to be”

This to me, is a life changing prayer, because you acknowledging and confessing so much in one line:

  1. ) You are acknowledging that God is indeed the creator, the one true God who can do amazing things in your life if you let him.

2.)You are confessing that you are a work in progress and your willingness to have God work within you, is contingent on you willing to being vulnerable before the Lord.

3.) You are willing to step out of what you think you know and go with what God really knows.

And let me tell you it is not an easy thing to do, being vulnerable is a scary thing , but is so necessary if you are truly going to be ALL that God has called you to be!

When you truly understand how great you are and ALL that you are called to be, you will start to move different, think differently and speak with more reassurance and confidence. This I know to be true, for I myself have experienced my awakening moment over the weekend.

I was vending at an event that I felt I was not prepared for “status”.

So I went to the Lord in prayer that morning of to ask God to fill me with him,

See I have struggled with low self esteem all my life, so my confidence needs a whole lot of GOD! And it was in my vulnerable moment with God while I was confessing my nervousness and feeling not qualified that God spoke these words into me:

“I need NOT be impressed or intimidated by superstars, King/Queens or any ‘ELITE” member of society, for I know the one true KING and the sovereign ruler and creator of the all…..JESUS CHRIST! (I have a personal relationship with him). I need to not try to prove myself to anyone because my GOD has validated , accepted and created ME. I AM qualified to go wherever he calls me to go. And my CONFIDENCE is in Christ who lives within me, so therefore I will need not shriek from success nor will I coward in failure.”

And I kid you not in that moment I felt something shift in me, I felt the little girl in me rise up and I KNEW that my purpose and gifts are greater than myself.

I share this as testimony to the goodness of God, that even in our most vulnerable of moments, God will give you the courage you need to stand strong!

-Listiner Inspires “I creatively inspire individuals to turn their pain into POWER by identifying their gifts and purpose in order to start the healing and living process”

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