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Listiner Inspires

 I am a Inspirationalist, Workshop Facilitator, Award-Winning Author, Visionary, International Speaker, Creative, and Accountability Expert. I believe there is a purpose for your pain and that once you understand that, you will never live a defeated life ever again. Having spent my entire childhood in a lifetime of pain, I decided to make that pain matter, by sharing my testimony to begin the healing process for myself and millions of others.

"Creativity is Life for me…To Create is to Live…and to Create to Inspire is Love."

Listiner Inspires

Listiner Inspires radio interview with the Millen Twins on Iheart heart in 2019

My Mission

My intentions are to inspire, empower and motivate individual into their GREATNESS , by allowing them to see they have all the tools they need within them to be GREAT on Purpose.

Encouraging people to see the greatness within themselves bringing out the positivity in all situations  & all aspects of their live . To greatly inspire every person with each encounter to change their life for the GREATER and live a truly fulfilling Life Pushing People Past Pain into their Purpose.

My workshops are Transparent, Engaging and Bold. I believe in thinking outside the box and adding a vibrant creative aspect helps life’s stuff situations to become manageable!

I’ve held family fun night interactive classes at my church (where men, women and children attended), I am also the “Creative Director” for the ministry.

I was a guest speaker for Lawrence Hall Youth Services, I also mentor youth there as well as facilitate workshop on subjects ranging from self-love and care, Confidence, recognizing the signs of abuse, time management and effective journaling, just to name a few.

I have spoken at  a NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) event:  on how Mental Illness now only effects the individual but the family.


Telling my own life story to others has allowed me to live a life of versatility, unashamed and Free. And that very transparency helps me to help others to also BE FREE of guilt and shame and start their process towards healing and purpose.

"I create innovative content that helps Revolutionary Minds expand and elevate their mindset and vision to walk more boldly in their purpose."

Listiner Inspires

"I create inspirational content that provides tools, resources, and accountability to help those who have gone through trauma and abuse start living their Best-Healed Life"

Listiner Inspires

My Story


The Birth and Rise of GREAT Awesomeness

Now let’s rewind back 30 plus years or so.

(This what I remember, I still have a lot of

suppressed memories).


I was born to a mentally ill mother who was never treated or was even diagnosis properly so I endured various forms of abuse that have left residual side effects, even up until the present day such as social anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I was afraid of my mom literally up until the day she passed away, which was in 2001. 


  • Age 2 I was burnt with boiling hot water and suffered 3rd-degree burns over my entire body.

  • Age 7  was my 1st psychiatric inpatient hospitalization of many more to come for severe depression. I was very quiet and withdrawn as a child and always tried to not be seen or heard, so no one knew anything. I never told anyone what was happening to me, not even the doctors at the hospital, because I thought I was bad and deserved it.

  • Age 12 I was admitted again for depression and suicidal ideations, ( I was angry, confused and hurt) and really just wanted to die, because at this point I was afraid to go to sleep or do anything that would upset my mother and cause her to harm me. I  never heard, I love you, received hugs, kisses or affection of any sort. I eventually started running away to get some relief from my home life.


  • Age 13 While out in the streets I was gang-raped by 7-10 guys, I was beaten and thrown through the wall for trying to escape, this lead me to drinking alcohol heavily at the age of 13.


  • Finally, at the age of 14, I entered the group home, where my life started to improve. I received 3 meals a day, got to shower and was allowed to breathe and be a child again.


  • Age 17 I got pregnant with my first son, by a guy that I thought cared for me because he showed me attention and said kind words. That eventually turned sour really quickly, as I soon realized he was manipulative and a liar, so I left that relationship but decided to keep my son.


  • Age 18 I got into a physically abusive relationship that lasted for approximately a year. I thought I deserved it because I was told I had a smart mouth. So he would abuse me sexually and physically to keep me in line (as he put it) 


  • Age 19 I aged out of the group home and actually tried to move back home with my mother who didn’t want me. I had nowhere else to go, I  moved in with my oldest son's grandmother and with some encouragement and support from her got up enough courage to leave the abusive relationship and never looked back.


  • By Age 20 I finally found true love (or so I thought at the time) when I met my 2nd & 3rd  son's father, we became friends and eventually started dating and got married the next year. The first year of the marriage was great up until I found out he was unfaithful and so began the emotional abuse.


  • Age 21 until Age 33 I literally spent most of my adulthood in an emotionally abusive, unhappy relationship trying to prove my love. But I chose to stay because I was always told: “no one would want my crazy ass, because I was too messed up” and so I believed if I was a little less messed up he wouldn’t cheat. This cycle of emotional abuse went on for my entire marriage, he had many different mistresses, he would also leave for days and sometimes months at a time and had a few children during the course of our marriage none of this should be acceptable in ANY marriage.


  • Finally, at the age of 33, I took my Life back after my oldest son who was 14yrs old at the time asked me: “why do I keep taking his Dad back when he’s going to keep doing the same thing?” That really hurt me to the core, because I realized I was putting my babies in harm's way, by allowing them to see their Mom being emotionally abused and not taking a stand. So I made a decision to divorce my husband and finally start learning how to love me. 


The abuse I endured for most of my childhood lead me to believe I deserved being abused because I felt unworthy and unloved which in turn kept me in a vicious cycle of abuse. It wasn't until I established a personal relationship with Christ a few years ago that I started to believe differently.


The Emotional abuse has been the worst for me because no one can see the scars and the residual side effects run deep. It’s hard at times to trust people and I fight daily with the spirit of rejection and low self-esteem. I have been on many forms of depression medication intermittently from Age 7 until 25 and I’ve abused alcohol for 23 years to wash away the pain. I was very promiscuous after my divorce for fear of falling back into an abusive relationship, so I chose to just sleep with guys and "never give my heart". Now I manage my depression and anxiety with a healthy well balanced, active and positive faith-filled lifestyle and counseling. 


NOW, I have made it my life's mission to help others who have gone through Trauma and Abuse starting living their Best-Healed Life by way of Coaching, Speaking, Writing books and Creating a Healing Conference. 

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