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     Teach-Lead-Heal™ Workshop Series

The Healing & Recovery workshop series is designed to help those who have been impacted by abuse and trauma to start living their Best-Healed life.  I personally understand the struggle and residual side effects that can come from being abused. I wanted individuals like myself to have a safe and welcoming environment to address the pain without shame and to learn they are not alone, get resources and tools they can use daily, and also know they do not have to have it all figured out. Just like life is a journey, so is healing, therefore I purposefully designed the Teach-Lead-Heal™ Healing & Recovery workshop Series to help others along their healing journey.

The Emerge Leadership Training empowers, encourages, and equips those in leadership positions with the tools to be more effective, efficient, and serve with empathy [in the Body Christ]. Teaching organizations, ministries, and corporations how to move away from ineffective leadership that lacks empathy and efficiency into becoming a more prominent servant leader in your community, ministry, and /or organization.

I specialize in teaching individuals/families/organizations that are impacted by trauma and abuse, how to move beyond the trauma and into healing. 

Remember To Be Bold, Be You, and Most Importantly Be Healed-

Love, Listiner Inspires


Learn how to Acknowledge what happened, Accept it wasn’t your fault and Act in healing by forgiving the person and yourself

Facing Fears

Regain your Power by setting your Focus on what you are capable of doing and become intentional about replacing every negative thought with a positive one rooted in Love.

Purpose and Identity

Learn to Surrender to God’s will for your life and walk in Obedience and Purpose to God’s perfect design for you with the Faith in knowing you shall succeed.

Dreams and Goals

Start each day with  Passion to live out your dreams and the Purpose to set goals about the things that matter to you all while being excited about the endless possibilities.

Effectiveness is the state or quality of being efficient.

By being Organized, Productive, Professional, and Competent.

Efficiency is the degree to which something is successful in producing the desired result.

By being Purposeful, Focused on Solutions, Genuine, and Intentional.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

​By Being Aware of others, Conscientious, Authentic, Supportive, and Thoughtful

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