Encouraging people to see the greatness within themselves by creatively allowing them to see the positivity in all situations  & all aspects of their live. To greatly inspire every person with each encounter to change their lives for the GREATER.


People are selling themselves short of being GREAT and Living a GREAT Life, therefore you have a society of uninspired and unmotivated individual not living up to their greatest potential.


My services as an inspirational can be used to increase an individual’s self-awareness and ensuring an increased positive mindset and lifestyle.


“Pushing People Past Pain into a Greater Purpose”


  • Help to create extraordinary visions

  • Connect the individual with their purpose

  • Increase the level of Empowerment and Efficiency

  • Inspire a positive mindset transformation


“You got a message to convey and you want to say it in the most creative way...
I'm your girl...”

  • Self Care & Self Awareness Empowerment Workshops

  • Creating Personalized Inspirational Affirmation Cards and Journals

  • Visualization  Exercises (thru Effective  Journaling)

  • Creating Colorful Marketing: Flyers, Event TakeAways and Invitations

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Let's talk breakthrough, mental health, self-care and other terms and tools to aid us on our healing journey.

Join us for this Quarterly Conference Series, Healing is a Journey™, as we explore the facets of healing. Learn from our panel experts on how to access the tools needed to successfully begin and continue the healing process from past & current traumas.


A portion of the proceeds will benefit Not By My Own Community, Inc. Not By My Own Community, Inc. mission is to help survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives; by providing a safe place for women to experience a life of wholeness through Jesus Christ.


Sponsorship opportunities are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact pr@listinerinspires.com to partner with us.

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Submit your information here:  bit.ly/2020HIAJInquiry


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I highly recommend Ms. Listiner Martinez, a Godly rebel with a cause to help the healing journey began for women. If you’re looking for a non-traditional speaker with a strategic focus give her space to bless your group. And I am working with her for accountability in ministry and business as well! You were amazing this weekend!!!

— Pastor Barbara A .Barron

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