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Listiner Inspires’ Healing Sessions are virtual coaching sessions dedicated to providing support, accountability, and healing to those who have experienced childhood abuse & trauma and are ready to move beyond the trauma and into their healings.

I was abused at the hands of my mother. The abuse I endured was emotional, physical, mental, and sexual. These traumatic experiences had carried over into my adulthood and affected my parenting, relationship, and even how I view myself…. BUT GOD- Through the simple “ACT” of accepting Christ as my Lord& Saviour and start my healing process, I am able to live a life rooted in Love, Freedom, and Healing.  I have designed this program from my own personal life experiences as well as using the tools I have been given from my years in ministry, leadership, and mentoring to help others like myself move forward in 


Thriving & Living

  1. You have hope for great things in store

  2. You give people the benefit of doubt

  3. You plan for the future and set goals

  4. You have forgiven those that have hurt you in the past

  1. Acknowledge that you need healing

  2. Seek and Accept the help to start the healing process

  3. Take the action steps that will be required on your healing journey

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Rebel Truths

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Let's talk breakthrough, mental health, self-care and other terms and tools to aid us on our healing journey.

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Virtual Experience
Healing Is A Journey

Success Stories


I highly recommend Ms. Listiner Martinez, a Godly rebel with a cause to help the healing journey began for women. If you’re looking for a non-traditional speaker with a strategic focus give her space to bless your group. And I am working with her for accountability in ministry and business as well! You were amazing this weekend!!!

— Pastor Barbara A .Barron

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